lauantai 8. kesäkuuta 2013

Additional remarks

As I come to think of why girls learn greater skill than boys, I come to think of some not-so-obvious reasons that still may have a big effect:

Traditionally women have sewn clothes for both women and men. As typically happens when pals work together and make things both for themselves and for some others who never take part in these things, they choose the nice stylish clothes for themselves and to not-so-good somehow ugly looking they give to others saying "You can use these." and "Men's style is supposed (that is just an excuse) to look somewhat ugly."
It would be better for men if they too could take care of their clothes and choose their style and colour symbolism to suyit their own character and values. That way they could better find a social role that works well for themselves.
Typically there is the obstacle that men lack skill in choosing clothes. Probably that is a consequence of the fact that the starting point, the suggestion of what to wear is somehow erraneous, suggesting things that others burden men with and not the emotional inclinations and inner life and personal values of the men themselves. For Finnish speaking Finnish men a good starting point could be brown trousers and a blue shirt, maybe something red too. Practical life, thinking helping on the way and feelings valued. From such a starting point it maybe would be easier to make one's own variation.

Girls at an early age take the role take women give birth to new life. That is a huge thing, a miracle produced. So it teaches the girls to achieve great things. Nurturing others and caring for the life in the society are other versions of the same idea, all very benefical to the society.
If boys answer to this that boys build things, it is much much much simple, much much much more stupid things done, so it produces stupidity. Boys should think of things done fort better life in the society, life in it's complexity - be it a car mechanics sertvice, children upbringing, selling some product that is nice to have, being friends and neighbours or working for the good of the society in some other way. Those are all much more complex thing. Life according to our nature, like the wild nature teaches us, is much more complex and brings better intelligence.

Boys le3arn that soldiers need to endure pain and hardship. So they often take as their goal to "not to even notice such thing". But not to notice means being utterly stupid, so it is a very poor goal. Instead one should gain strenght via healthy natural wa6ys of living on all areas of life and endure via wisdom and wisdom of life, friendsip, moral etc.

tiistai 2. huhtikuuta 2013

Lots of interest & lack of skill

Men love women, marry, live tens of years as a family and form deeper bonds than with anyone else. So there clearly is lots of interest in women's ways and lots of good will to allow a happy harmonical life together with women.
Where there are problems, they are typically caused by the fact that men do not understand women's ways. Boys are taught different things and nothing about women's cultural wisdom. If men were less dominant, they would need to learn more about women's views, but now thye never get the chance.
But here are lots of links about skills typical for women's culture:

Women are almost perfectionistic: they are demanded a lot, to satisfy the likings of others in addition to their own, so they need to be able to take into account many things at the same time, and that is easiest via a picture of the whole -> thinking with a picture of the whole
Which often leads to good moral -> high moral
Also social skills are needed in this -> social skills
High skills
Wisdom of the feelings
Social skills