lauantai 19. joulukuuta 2015

About men's role

The clishee like picture of men is often from a perspective of not much understanding about men, either because one oneself is a woman and lives a different kind of life, or because one is a man and lives a narrow life of work and work aquiantages and does not know about the wider possibilities in life. So such clishes often mention work and army, maybe schooling but not so much else.
There are also men in men's professions who are kind of fed up with doing things always the same way, so they tend to make clishes about what men's lifves and men's perspective can deteriorate into in engineering work or so, but that is not a guide to follow, it is intended more like a warning.

I am a woman. I think that women and men have lots of common characteristics and the society has lots of wisdom that is suited for both, so both should consider themselves first humans and only secondarily of certain gender, in order to take advantage of the benefits given by the society's culture. Men I think ought in addition cultivate certain skills so as to not to ruin things by not being able to some everyday thing needed in life, but only part of the time since trying to culticvate some skill all the time makes one tired and so one does not learn it. Men should not compete in these, since competition makes one centered in points instead of in the thing itself and it's place in the world. Common sense is needed, likewise basic sports for fun to increase capacity. Often life is easier when all can instead of when you kind of won. A soldier is just one among many, in the service of one's country but as a human being, as a member of the society you can be one in guiding what is done in the society, in matters of peace and war, so your soldier part needs you human part to command it.

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