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Endurancy or taking care of things

Boys are taught to reach for soldier's virtues. One of them is the ability to bear hardships. Girls are taught to take all into account and to take care that life in the society runs smoothly.
If one does something and gets disturbed by someone with something else to do, if one is doing things well, it is likely that one gets interrupted which is somewhat a burden, but if one does things sloppily and uses stupidity as an excuse, it is likely that one has plenty of time and one does not get disturbed at all. So reaching for endurancy often leads to sloppy, poor quality. While girls reaching for good quality leads to exhaustion and lack of freedom, which as a counter reaction lead to valuing feelings and taking others into account.

So cultural reasons like this can lead to big differencies in what women and men are like. But that does not mean that those reasons would not exist. No, the differencies exist, even if they for some part have a cultural and not necessarily biological background.

On the other hand, men sticking to more work like ways can on one hand be a consequence of poor quality leading to need of advices of others, and on the other hand it can be just a liking, a tendency to fit into another kind of role than women.

Since men like different kind of style, criterions, ways of doing, ways of being social and ways of living in the society and ways of living, men and women should not be considered alike. If some man wants woman like things, that is just hos personal opinion, not a reason to count him woman like, since he propably wants something very different from women. Likewise if some women like men's things, thye typically do it in different style, with a different level of skill and with different emphazies and different ways of living than men - and so they do not end up man like in their favourite job but choose something else instead: they naturally have the tendency to pick otherwise. And men too naturally have the tendency to pick a different style and different criterions with different levels of skills than women likewise saying that they are interested in the same kind of job.

* *
On the other hand, let's look at this from what I learned the men's point of view to be like when I studied men's profession that my parents happened to like but which I felt no inclination toward.

The men did not like their studies, They said here we are, we cannot help it, we did not like the studies and the hard work, so we tried to get away to the wide world, but we got returned back by our female aquiantages, so it was of no use, now we are stuck here, look at that guy too: the same with him, just impossible and without any real reason this all, things just don't make sense.

So what was the problem? The men had a view that women are a group that has uniform opinions, kind of adding all women's views together without regard on who was like what. They mixed evil women's deeds with the society's moral expectations, so as some evil woman came bang bang get back to your slave like position, they took it as an opinion supported by the society which it was not. They did not go to the police. They did not go to the studies bureau to choose from tens or hundreds of groups of academical professions, of their courses open to all to which one can continue to major in if one just studies them. They did not go to the work office where free working places of all kinds of professions are available and where one can get information on studies of all professions. Those would have been the official road to change profession, not dependent on the opinions of aquiantages or relatives etc.

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