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Of women and men getting along

I think that the usua problem (in Finland) in women and men not getting along is that men tend to copy from other men ways of being with women and typically they copy from some man who is at least man like and and has done lots on women's things in man like ways. But different things ought to do in different ways. That is why different professions demand different talents and skills. Often those who do women's things in surely man like ways, which often is school like, are the men who are most distant from women's ways and values, since others would copy at least somewhat women like style, kind of fitting to the teasks at hand and to the atmosphere of doing such thi
The ways of doing women's thing are not found among those who do them most but among those who most like them, who most naturaly find it from themselves to do such. So they would correspond to learning new skills and talents on one's free time, like in my Finnish blog in the beginning of the blog. And women like characteristics would come from the understanding of the value of noticing and taking into account atmospheres and feelings, see my Finnish blog , and enjoying for a change to get a chance to do also such, kind of to widen one's repertuaire of skills in use. Like maybe a man wearing a red shirt to get room for feelings and free time fun, would correspond to a woman wearing a non-worklike non-formal skirt.
What then would be the sides of men best closest to women? I guess that liking talking and being social, liking goiung to visit friends and having a cup of coffee with bread or the like. Liking children, time for everyday chores, music in the radio, having a pause for some repair work, talking with people of different areas of life, liking highlights, enjoying weathers, maybe travelling. Or? Kind of what men feel natural and nice but kind of in atmosphere and in some part of the content like women's ways and women's things done.
Women on the other hand would need room for sports without regard for looks, just for fun, like swimming, running, playing ball games, skiing etc. And for singing by oneself whole doing chores. Fro skill in making clothes that one likes for oneself, see in Finnish . Also some men's work like taking care of car and repair works with sturdy mivements and steady posture and some running steps in between.

Oh, and "Live and let orhers live!" of course solves problems iin who can affect what, see in the beginning of the blog.

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