perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2016

Men's role and women's role - Or?

Men often assume that women have some things easier than men and that that depends on women having women's role. On the other hand men assume that men ought to have men's role and so men all the time take care of following men's wole.
But that is not so. The womne who look like having women's role, have all the time taken care of many things that the men do not take care of. So what the men suppose to be women's role is those cultivated things, and those haven't been cultivated just a little and only lately, but for years like one's dream job's skills and the like. One can learn skills by practising. Some skills are very difficult and demand other skills as support and an eager interest in the subject itself instead of seeking for social position or other benefits from practising it. Womanly skills are often such.
On the other hand men keep to the men's role. But that is not men's role. That is instead being social with and sticking to the ways, values and ways of thinking of some group of men, of some people who live in a certain way, so it is wanting to belong to a group and taking always or often care of the groups characteristical things even when it means neglecting other things.

But like with different professions, women do not have always all men's skills even if they appear to have some more advanced quality or skill. Like with often advanced skills, some act them or copy them without proper idea or without proper quality in everything and try to assume the role of the most skilled ones without being moral and skilled enough. 

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